Doctors remove drill bit accidentally inhaled during dental procedure – UPI News

April 19 (UPI) — Doctors in Wisconsin were able to safely remove a tiny drill bit from inside a man’s lung after he inhaled the tool while undergoing a procedure.

Tom Kozsi, 60, said he was getting a filling from a dentist in Illinois when he inhaled the tiny drill bit.

“I was at the dentist getting a tooth filled, and then next thing I know I was told I swallowed this tool,” Jozsi told WISN-TV. “I didn’t …….

What Watch Strap Should I Wear? – HODINKEE

The Take: New, experimental materials come along all the time, but the question is if they have the staying power to survive in the old-school-loving watch world. Artificial leather products are trending in all sorts of industries these days, and it seems like they just might stick around these parts. Just recently, Greubel Forsey, arguably the most high-priced watch company in the world right now, announced its intent to switch ov…….

COP15: Your Guide to the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference – The Nature Conservancy

4. Why was TNC at COP15?

As leaders of governments worldwide prepare to set new global targets for protecting biodiversity, TNC stands ready to help nations realize their bold ambitions. This is core to our mission and our priorities.  We must safeguard nature not only for its own sake, but also to temper climate change and protect communities around the world.

Here are some key principles that TNC encourages:


How To Clean Your Watch – HODINKEE

The good news is that it’s not all that hard to keep your watches clean, and I asked Jason for some simple and actionable tips that you can do from home. Before we get into the nitty and the gritty, please consider the following. First, before you take any steps beyond wiping the tail of your t-shirt over your crystal to get rid of a fingerprint, please know your watch. I know that sounds dumb, but if you want to follow the steps b…….

Use Apple’s networkQuality Tool to Test Internet Responsiveness – TidBITS

Videoconferencing has revealed to all of us how good—or poor—our Internet connections really are. However, if you’re just loading Web pages or reading email, it’s unlikely you can get a sense of throughput. Even watching streaming video isn’t necessarily a good test, since it stresses only downstream bandwidth and streaming services use lots of tricks to avoid jitter and buffering. But because videoconferencing requires d…….